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The Stedl Family Tree

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 Kalie Stedl
 Mary Stedl
 Anne Stedl
 Lawrence Stedl (1861-1944) & Anna (1865-1954)
 Matthew Stedl (1882-1958) & Annie (1888-1973)
 Stella Kubsch
 Lila Baumann
 Marion Jagodendly
 Lorraine Johnson
 Sara and Ernest Paltzer
 Jill and Jeff Berg
 Mike Paltzer
 Robin and Scott Mooren
 Paula Depner
 Kim and James Van Eperen
 Dennis Manteufel
 Charles and Julie Manteufel
 Robert and Kellie Manteufel
 Jeff and Tammy Manteufel
 Jenna and Joshua Mielke
 Steve Johnson
 Larry Johnson
 Leonard Stedl & Ella Biemborm
 Roger Stedl
 Jared Stedl
 Shantel Stedl
 Richard Stedl Sr. & Darlene Nooyen
 Richard Stedl Jr. & Chris ?
 Matthew Stedl
 Mariah Stedl
 Ronald Stedl & Christine Kazik (Divorced)
 Eric Stedl & Brittany Colvin
 ? ETA June 16, 2011
 Joesph Stedl
 Paul Stedl
 Tegon Barber
 Julie Stedl & Jarry Ambrosius
 Kelli Ambrosius & David Banker
 Kurtis Ambrosius & Lisa Albert
 Kimberly Ambrosius
 John Stedl & Chris Schuette
 John L. Stedl (? - July 2, 1960) & Catherine Cohen (June 25, 1921-May 21,1999)
 Sandra & Ken Nakasone
 Sara Nakasone
 John & Nancy Stedl
 Jason & Jennifer Stedl
 Matthew Stedl
 John Stedl
 Patrick & Jane Stedl
 Brian Stedl & Kris
 Heather Stedl
 Lois & Bob Kopecky
 Alex Kopecky
 Katie Kopecky
 Lawrence Stedl & Kyong
 Linda & Carl Battaglia
 Christopher Battaglia
 Lou Ann Stedl
 Terrence Stedl
 Timothy G. Stedl & Jolene A. Krcma (July 11, 1965-May 21, 1999)
 Lucy Joe Stedl
 Sophie Rose Stedl
 Samuel William Stedl
 Ambrose Stedl (1921 - 1944)
 Raymond Stedl
 Joseph Stedl (1890-1985) & Anna (1896-1973)
 Walter Stedl (1914-1987) & Dolores (May 29, 1916)
 James Stedl (1936-1957)
 Walter Stedl & Patricia
 James Stedl
 Carla & Aaron Sivrais (DivorcedBret Greene)
 Darius Greene
 Corbin Greene
 Ashton Sivrais
 Judy & Jack Kotche
 Chris Kotche
 Mike Kotche
 Kraig Kotche
 Kole Kotche
 Tanya Kotche & Greg
 Caroline & Harvey Maurer
 Jeff Maurer
 Jon Maurer & Ann
 Debbie Maurer
 Charlotte & Ronald Milton
 Kelly Milton
 Kathy Milton
 Tomas Milton
 William Stedl
 Florence Stedl
 Joseph Stedl Jr. (Dec. 21, 1966 - Mar. 8, 1967)
 Marie Suex
 Victor Stedl
 Claire Kath
 Clarence (Sonny) Stedl
 Gertrude Rivest
 Helen Princl
 Vernice Keehan
 Michael Stedl
 Edward Q. Stedl (1893-1973)
 Earl Stedl
 Shirley Raduenz
 Julie Stedl (1888-1946)
 Lillian E. Nies(1896-1987)
 Kathryn Ludwig
 Janet Hlinek
 Maggie Stedl (?-6 Aug. 1904)
 George Stedl (Feb 2, 1866-Mar 24, 1912) & Josephine Dvonik (1870-1947) Marriage: 26 Nov 1890
 Edwin Stedl (Sept 6, 1905 - Nov 4, 1957) & Marie Kitzerow (Remarried Marvin Pontzlaff)
 Robert Stedl & Julia
 Steven & Jolie Stedl
 Rebecca Stedl
 William Stedl (Jul 6, 1949 - Mar 10, 1969)
 Silvia Stedl (Jun 21, 1908 to ?) & Orval Hessel (? - Mar 3,2002)
 Gary Hessel
 Robert Hessel (Jul 22, 1936 - Jul 3 2002) & Irene Mleziva
 Robert & Kari Hessel
 Laurie & Steve Braun
 Sue & Paul Wilberding
 Eric Wilberding
 Joshua Wilberding
 Vickie & Ron Bauer
 Lucas Bauer
 Allyse Bauer (Step Child)
 Nick Bauer (Step Child)
 Albert Stedl & Sally
 Albert (Roger) & Jane Cigler
 Rachel Louise Stedl
 William Stedl PVT Co F-28 Infantry WWI (Aug 11, 1898 - Dec 15, 1964) & Marie
 George Stedl (May 11, 1894 - Oct 15, 1961)
 Frank Stedl (Apr 26, 1911 - Mar 7, 1989) & Verna Krieman
 Eunice Laverne Stedl (Oct 10, 1941 - Jan 15, 1942)
 Richard Stedl & Elizabeth
 Annette & Peter Yao
 Gemini Stedl
 Jeremiah Yao
 Barbara & Douglas McKenzie
 Collen McKenzie
 David Stedl & Jaclyn Smith
 Travis Stedl
 James Stedl (Mar 6, 1977 - Mar 24, 1977)
 Christopher Stedl
 Veronica Calies
 Matthew Stedl
 Karen F. Stedl
 Rita & (Vernon Martin & Jerry Brantmier
 Rebecca (Martin) & Brian Krahn
 Victoria Martin
 Jeniffer Martin
 Andrew Martin
 Justin Brantmier
 Jason Brantmier
 Daniel Stedl (1911 - 1992) & Margaret
 Delphine Stedl
 Janice & Robert Quistdorf
 Irene (Jan 31, 1892 - ? ) & Joe Cisler
 Elsie (Tutie) Cisler (Apr 21, 1922 - 50's?)
 Elmer Cisler (Mar 23, 1914 - Feb 2,1973)
 Elsie (Sept 11, 1900 - May 31, 1986) & Ervin Lakatose
 Ervin Lakatose

Other Stedl's I have found but do not know which branch they are in.
  • Stedl, Viola Marie - Mar 8, 1903 - Nov 12, 1967
  • Celestine Stedl
  • Marie Stedl
  • John L. Stedl July 4, 1919 - June 3, 1960
  • William J. Stedl/1949-1969
  • STEDL, Catherine - Honor Student in 1918
  • STEDL, Roger(DE STARKEY, Leann) parents of STEDL, Jared and STEDL, Shantel
  • George Stedl & Anna Sebasta Marriage Date: 24 Jul 1886
  • Lucille May Stedl 1919-2001 from Norwalk, OH preceded in death by her husband Adelbert Raymond Stedl, in 1991
  • Stedl Geo.,* Grimms R 1
    Stedl Irene, Grimms R 1
    Stedl Joe, Grimms R 1
    Stedl Josie, Grimms R 1
    Stedl Julia, Grimms R 1
    Stedl Lary,* Grimms R 1 (sic)
  • Other References to Stedl
    • Yiddish films "Jiddl mitn Fiddl" (1936), "East and West" (1923), both starring the cabaret actress Molly Picon, or Elias Canetti's novel Juden auf Wanderschaft clearly show the geography of Ashkenazi emigration: Out of the Stedl (small East European town populated by Jews), via West Europe, with the final destination in the USA.
    • Der VERSCHLEPPTERN (a.k.a. Die Sklavinnen) (77) (German language) Martine Stedl, Lina Romay. A woman has been kidnapped by a society of depraved people. Since it's a Franco film, in a short amount of time, she and other captives are stripping, & performing erotic dances for a select clientele in a secret underground club. (X)
  • Websites with a reference to Stedl

      Translated from German
      Songs from the Jewish Stedl
      A new, singular album appeared completely new: "songs from the Jewish Stedl". Here are the most beautiful songs on jiddisch, of Jewish municipalities sung. Arranged the album of the singers and director/conductor of the project, Efimom Alexandrowitsch. It was supported by the Russian national symphony orchestra of the cinematography, by the Akadeni choir, by Donbristen and well- known jazz musicians. Already look up the list of the participants excited.
      The album becomes to 13. And 14 May in the theatre "new opera" to be presented. Afterwards even a tour is planned by the most important Jewish municipalities of Russia. Is meant even of appearances in the USA and in Israel. For the concert in the "new opera" a grandiose Show with a flight of the musicians over the stage and with singular photographs from the Jewish Stedl is.
      The album taken up under the Patronage one of the most important musicians Russlands - viola players Yuriy Baschmet (picture). In bringing in the Maestro could not participate unfortunately, but with the premiere he will participate. The beginning is at 19.00 o'clock.

    • A compnay named "STEDL,s.r.o."
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