Setting up a Hamachi VPN on a Raspberry Pi

First what Hamachi does is create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between the computers in the "network" it is connected to. It does this by creating an out going link to a third party site, in this case LogMeIn. Because the connection is out going and initiated by your computer to LogMeIn, it will work through most firewalls. The computers are put into contact with each other at LogMeIn by association with from your accout with them.

What this does for you is allow access to those computers as if they were on the same network like in your office or home. You can use SSH, RDP, HTTP or even a shared printer or files on any computers on that VPN. So if you want a Raspberry Pi server at a another house or office you can maintain it without having to be on site.

Update 2014-01-15

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