Now that I have moved my personal website to, I will put up some of my writings! You may or may not like them; that is your choice!

I have also put up some of my images from my digital camera.

The Size of Man
In the universe the galaxy is but a speck
In the galaxy the solar system is but a speck
In the solar system the earth is but a speck
And we each are but a speck on the surface of earth.
Our minds allows us to understand our place on the vast earth
We can understand earth's place in the vast solar system
We can understand the solar systems place in the vast galaxy
We are beginning understand the galaxy's place in the vast universe.
We are not as small as it would seem
Because it would seem in our minds
We are becoming as endless as the universe.

James Stedl 1998-03-26

A Better Place
If only everyone could see
what I can see,
what a place this would be.

James Stedl 1998-02-19

Who Am I?
I am the creator of good and evil
I am the hand vengeance and forgiveness
I am the incarnation of death and life
I am the viewer of light and dark
I am mankind!

James Stedl, 1997 Oct.

The Grand Assumption
The Assumption, man has a soul and the soul is eternal
If so, then if the soul is eternal it must or will know everything
If the soul knows everything and is eternal it must or will be god
Therefor all mankind will be god!

James Stedl, 1997 Nov

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