Camping Mid-summer Weekend 2002 Information
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Who: Everyone I know and their friends, more the merrier!
What: Camping (ie.. a 2-3 day party)
Where: Sean's folks cabin near ( Directions to Shay Lake )!!
Why: Relaxation (Partying and talking trash is the real reason.)
When: Mid-summer Weekend
[Friday Evening July 26 - Sunday 28 July 2002]

We will have a cabin to hide in, if the weather turns bad. We also have access to a pontoon boat, which we can take out into the lake and use as a raft for swimming.

James S., Eric C., Mike U., Sean B., Elliott C., Gina C.,!

Potential Attendees!!
Sean B., Alex G., Tze-John T., Steph H., Adrian G., Andy C., Brian D., Eric M., Betsy M., Todd, Jeff K., Holly M.??

Signing on: Contact Mike and let him know you are going!!

We will colect money if needed. The money will also be used for firewood, anti-bug candles, and gas for cooking and light.

What you need:

  1. First sign up with Mike!
  2. Beg, borrow, steal or share a tent and sleeping equipment
  3. Food, drink (your own particular poison), and cooking equipment (See Note 1)
  4. Clothes (warm and cold weather) do not forget swimware if it is warm.
  5. Companionship & other entertainment

NOTE 1: I(James) will bring a gas grill and a stove!

Local Supplies: There are 2 small towns nearby Pound and Mountain they are both about a 20 min. drive.

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