Camping Memorial Weekend 2002 Information
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Who: Everyone I know and their friends, more the merrier!
What: Camping (ie.. a 3 day party)
Where: Bong Recreation Area ( Directions )!!
Why: Relaxation (Partying is the real reason.)
When: Memorial Weekend
[Friday Evening May 24 (3pm Check-in) - Monday 27 May 2002 (3pm Check-out)]

Who is interested in going 4th of July weekend and/or Labor Day??? Let me know!

Mike U., James S., Alex G., Kelly, Sean B., Kenny P., Janelle, Eric M., Betsy M., Elliot C., Gina C., Ben C.

Potential Attendees!!
Eric C., Steph H., Big Gooch (Scott) and wife, Little Gooch (Todd) and Sherry, Jodi B., Brian D., Todd, Andy C., Tze-John T., Jeff K., Chris R., ??...

Signing on: Contact Mike in Madison, Sean in Green Bay, or James in Milwaukee they will be collecting money for sites, $20 per person! For people who want to stay only 1 or 2 nights. We have decided that the cost is $10 for one night, and $15 for two nights.

The money will also be used for firewood, anti-bug candles, and gas for cooking and light.

What you need:

  1. First sign up with James or Sean and pay the $20 ($15 or $10)
  2. Beg, borrow, steal or share a tent and sleeping equipment
  3. Food, drink (your own particular poison), and cooking equipment (See Note 1)
  4. Clothes (warm and cold weather) do not forget swimware if it is warm.
  5. Companionship & other entertainment

NOTE 1: For everyone to use I(James) will bring a small gas grill and a stove with a large gas supply. I also have one pan and one small kettle.

Local Supplies: There is a small town Paddock Lake less than 7 miles away and is big enough for most needs. There is a Woodmans just off of I94 and it is less than 15 miles. Those of you coming from the south will past it on the way in.

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